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Free food + water distribution

Deeniyat (Mumbai) carries out free food and water distribution, to people of all communities, daily at 11 am. We are also aiming to set up more centers for food distribution in other localities, to grant better and increased access to the free food for the more people in need.

Helping the Disabled

The disabled are provided Wheelchair, Walker, Toilet chair and walking stick etc.

Help provided to widows and other needful people.

Widows and also other women in need are provided stipulated amount of ration every month.

Help provided to the elderly

Senior citizens who are underprivileged and in need are provided a monthly stipend for basic necessities.


Consultations with the most esteemed doctors of the locality are arranged by us. The medical scheme is then explained to the doctors who have kindly consented to provide charitable services at discounted rates or even free of cost. Doctors are also requested by us to provide optimal service, at these discounted rates, to patients send through the organization.


Information and guidance regarding the best hospitals is given and if required, assistance is provided with hospital admission procedures. The patient may be aided financially, if need to be, and is guided through the entire process ranging from hospital admission up to discharge.


Patients due for surgery are guided to hospitals with the best available facilities for surgical operations. They are also introduced to qualified surgeons, who are ready to provide discounted rates for surgery, to under privileged patients.

Blood Bank

The city has many blood banks that grant concessions or even free services to needy patients. Information and access to such blood banks is provided.


Guidance is provided regarding ambulance services that charge minimum fees or provide free service, including cardiac and covid-19 ambulances.


Patients are informed about pharmacies that grant discounted rates on medications to the needy.

Diagnostic centres

Patients are guided about the charitable diagnostic centres available in the city where blood testing, CT scans, MRI etc are carried out at low cost.


As a society, we must all unite, help each other to reduce / eradicate the unemployment crisis worldwide. We are trying to arrange suitable jobs for the skilled, semi-skilled and also the unskilled people. Candidates are advised about job opportunities based on their qualifications, skills and work experience. We maintain constant interaction with organizations ( for feedback) and also with candidates ( for guidance and support) before and after their job interviews. Our best efforts are put into helping people find employment.